We provide a comprehensive range of professional services tailored to meet the needs of individuals and corporations on a global scale.


We advise on the set up of appropriate trust structures tailored to meet our clients’ circumstances. We may be appointed trustees / protectors / enforcers carrying out the wishes of the settlor in accordance with the terms of the trust.

Directors and officers

We make available to companies professional directors, corporate secretary, and bank signatories.


We provide a complete range of corporate administration services including the opening and monitoring of bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad, the handling of corporate compliance matters, legalisation of documents, reviewing of contracts, powers of attorney and coordinating and outsourcing legal, accounting, audit, and tax work.

Corporate Vehicles

We advise on the selection and set up of the appropriate corporate vehicle in Cyprus and abroad.

Nominee shareholders

We act as nominee shareholders for beneficial owners of shares and hold shares upon trust for beneficiaries.


We act as company secretaries and handle all secretarial matters including convening and attending board and shareholder meetings, keeping minutes of meetings, maintaining statutory books and registers, issuing of shares and share certificates and ensuring ongoing compliance.


We act as escrow agents for third parties facilitating asset exchange transactions.