Evi Pitsillides

Corporate Administrator and Client Relationship Manager

Evi Pitsillides holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from King’s College, London, and an MA Marketing Degree from the University of Nottingham. Her past job placements included marketing positions, primarily in the food and beverage sector.

She has developed extensive knowhow and expertise in the incorporation and administration of companies, providing ongoing support required by every client. Evi gained significant experience in corporate secretarial matters, including maintaining statutory books and registers, effecting share transfers and issuing share certificates, ensuring ongoing compliance. Her skillset also includes the opening and monitoring of bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad.

Evi can work efficiently, diligently and effectively under pressure, can deliver high quality results under tight deadlines and she is also involved in client relationship management.

Email: evi.pitsillides@calmco.com.cy